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dog tags Dog Tags Europe produces top quality Dog Tags.
In short: is the quickest and easiest way to order online your Dog Tags.
Dog Tags are metal tags with personal and/or medical data.
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Single Dogtags
Dog Tags are silver colored metal tags with personal and medical data made from high grade steel.
The text is ineradicably punched in to the metal tag. dogtag persoon The dog tag can hold a lot of (important) data for which they are wanted. For some people Dog Tags are even indispensable!
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Constellation Tags new!
dog tags persoon What is your constellation? Is it a leo or an aquarius? Or maybe something else?
New! Our stainless steel tags with the symbols of the 12 constellations.
These tags are funny, trendy and fashionable. They're also personal and they are finished very nicely.

Usually we deliver the tags without a chain. If you need a chain (short or long) you can order them on our order page on this website.

Double Dog Tags (Army Tags)
Dog tags are originally name tags for soldiers from the American army.
Dog tags are two soldier name tags with identical text.
Double Dog tags are delivered with 2 tags including a long and a short chain.
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Silencers are the official (American) name of the rubber casing that can be placed around the Dog Tags (soldier plates). We deliver silencers in 20 different colors, including the original (black) American silencers. >> more about silencers

Our single Dog Tags are delivered with a chain of 60cm.
The USA or double Dog Tags are delivered with 2 chains. (60 cm / 23.6 in.) and 1 short chain (10 cm. / 3.9 in.).

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